Rhythmic Movement and Brain Gym Treatments

I believe in making this work affordable and not to be held back by high charges. Children deserve to able to transform from struggling learners in education to successful learners to achieve their potential toward their future. 
First session includes full consultation plus treatment plus movement booklet to take home. 75 – 90 minutes:  59 Euros
Further sessions are 4 weeks apart. 60 minutes:  50 Euros
If you book and pay for 5 or more sessions in advance, including the first, I offer you a 10% discount:   235 Euros instead of 259 E, or 10 sessions 458 Euros instead of 509 E
Booking the 10 sessions, you will see the greatest change in your child, or yourself. It is an investment for their/your future.
For the price of the courses, please click here