Welcome to Child Development and Learning.   ‘Our Early Years development determines our future‘.

This can be a difficult statement to believe and perhaps feels too early to be able to say, but it is true. If the brain and senses are not sufficiently developed for the information to reach specific areas to be processed properly, how can we expect a child to be able to learn? An immature brain and sensory system will make learning throughout a child’s education, and life, much more difficult. They will struggle, maybe fail, it will affect their chronological age and expected attainment levels and eventually end of year grades which then affects their choice and opportunities of jobs in the future. This really doesn’t need to happen and every child deserves to have the opportunity to learn with ease, confidence and success.

Retained neo-natal reflexes are a major cause of why a child does not fully develop physically, emotionally, behaviourally, socially and academically, and there are a number of reasons why this can happen. The primitive and postural reflexes are not understood enough, or addressed, by most professionals and yet they are the key to unlocking a child’s potential to have the resources to be ‘ready and able’ to learn and achieve their highest potential. When the reflexes are inhibited, which can be achieved at any age, learning becomes easier, chronological age and attainment levels improve quickly and the end of year exam grades throughout a person’s education will be higher. This will give a child more opportunities and choices in life.

The first 22 months, including in utero and the 12 months after birth, then up to around 4 years old are the most important time of a child’s life for the creation and maximising the growth of the neurological foundations of the central nervous system, developing the sensory-motor system and connecting up the areas of the brain as well as possible. Parents would benefit from understanding what they can do to help and not hinder this vital time so their child has the best resources available when they enter the education system to be able to learn easily.

The neo-natal reflexes are my area of speciality to help children unlock their potential so they are able to learn with ease and enjoyment and have every opportunity to be successful throughout their education, in their work and in other areas of their lives.

The Rhythmic Movement and Brain Gym programmes I offer at my centre gives me the second chance to revisit, and correct, any missed stages of a person’s development that may have been missed during their Early Years. It is never too late for anyone to develop new neural pathways and to stimulate their sensory-motor system through reflex integration. I guarantee wonderful improvements for children and adults.

SEN teachers, / Educational Psychologists / Paediatric O.T’s / Child Development specialists / Childcare workers / Nursery schools / Primary school teachers and Parents: please take a few minutes to watch the short video clip below as it explains how important the reflexes are related to how well a child is going to be able to learn. The senses and the brain must be sufficiently developed for learning to be able to take place with ease and success as you will see and understand in this clip. Addressing this way of learning challenges and development will prove to be the most useful and cost effective way of helping children overcome their difficulties for life.

If you have watched the video you will see that the Education system starts with teaching children to Read, Write and do Math, and at a very young age, assuming every child is physically read and has the resources to be able to learn. For some children, this works but for the many children who are struggling and developmentally not ready this is extremely hard, boring, labourious, time consuming and requires a lot of extra money to pay for extra help, not to mention how stressful it is for the child and how it could affect their morale and self-confidence.

If teachers were to screen and assess the physical side of learning in children first, and this is easy to do and where I can help, they will immediately know the ones who are going to struggle with learning and can then concentrate on developing their weaker senses, using simple movements, to help that child catch up to their chronological and developmental age. Teachers will then be able to teach these children with less effort, valuable time lost and more enjoyment in the classroom. This is the quickest, most effective, efficient and money saving way to achieve top results, and I explain why in this website.

School Headteachers / Government Education Authorities for SEN, please Click here – https://youtu.be/NZCdBC_GYHU  I would like to introduce you to ‘The Movement Programme’. This has been specially designed to help children aged between 8 – 13 improve literacy skills and end of year results with really excellent and lasting results. The programme, designed in 12 modules, is used in schools 5 days of the week for 12 weeks. It can also be accessed by parents to follow at home for their children, and family members.

I offer knowledge, experience, understanding and simple techniques that are unique to many, to help make profound and life-long improvements to children and adults of any age and ability.

I offer a range of unique training courses for anyone wanting to understand, recognise the signs of retained reflexes and how to integrate them. I give talks and demonstrations showing how the reflexes work and how to recognise them especially in the classroom. Please contact me if this interests you. 

The Testimonial page has some interesting comments from various people who have used these programmes, and also a comment from a Schools Inspection Service.

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